VPN access – PPTP

I need to have pptpclient in FC6 to connect to my work. As of today (29/Oct) has not been updated to support FC6, at least in the web, but the packages are already available. To install pptpclient:

rpm -ihv

This will add a couple repositories with PPTP tunnelling software. Then:

yum --enablerepo=pptp-stable install pptpconfig

will install anything needed to create PPTP VPNs.


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  1. I’m using a Dell Inspiron E1505 and the network card picked up and worked using the FC6 LiveCD, but after installing it to the HD it picks up my card, but when I try to activate it I get, "Device does not exist" and a line about it thinking it’s a wirelss card.  Help?

  2. I managed to get the network card working, I did a re-install and just did the base system (only needs 2 CDs) and it works fine now, I’m just customizing all my software stuff manually.  Must’ve been one of the packages that was installed as a result of my software choices pre-install.

  3. hey, can u plz tell me how to stablish a home or small office network in linux . we have FC 6.we want to make a home network to share internet .we also want to share file between us. plzzzzzzz help us! thanks

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