After installing Fedora Core 5 we have a lot of software already available, thanks to Fedora Extras. But unfortunately some software is not packaged by Fedora Extras guys, so we can add a few extra repositories to increase the available software to install (and to increase the possibilities of breaking everything for a dependency problem).

The repositories I recomende are:


And adding Livna and ATrpms, but both disabled by default, some software from these repos is incompatible from above repos.

Adding freshrpms repo is easy. Download freshrpms-release from

(latest version is freshrpms-release-1.1-1.fc.noarch.rpm). And install it.


Add the following

name=Extra Fedora rpms dries - $releasever - $basearch

The URL must be all on a single line.


to a file called dries.repo into /etc/yum.repos.d/. Look for a near mirror.






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